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Terms of Sales


Derbal Technology Co.,Ltd, the Best Choice for your Sourcing Your Markeing Products and Verifying the quialified Factory.With More than 8 Years Experience in this industry,We Know How Important the Customer Requirements and quality is and with So Many Sucessfaul cases we had worked with our clients,We have benn expert of integrated Consumer Electronics/Mobile Accessories/Fashion/Toys/Gift/Promotions/hotel/resorts supply hotel/resorts equipment & article one-stop purchase. Base a specialist in hotel/resorts purpose comprehensive services devoted to saving time, saving effort, Saving money for you!!!


All Samples from DERBAL will be Charged as we prepare each sample by our hardworking workmanship and test,then release to our customers in order to having an great performance presentation,hope get your understanding! and the Sample fees usually including the shipping fees to your area, please dont worry. And Sample Fees Can be Refund when Order Released.


1. Consulting services: if you have any question or suggestion about our product, please send email to support@derbalgroup.com

2.Warranty:warranty period of the product, if there is any non-artificial quality problem,customers can choose to carry the product failure and effective warranty

certificate to your place of purchase to enjoy the warranty service (Please follow your seller’s warranty policy)

3.Maintenance:maintenance period of the products, if quality problems, the user to the local

sales center or authorized dealer for repair service

Pay attention to the following situation does not provide after-sales service:

1.Accident factors or man-made damage the product.

2.Product is out of the warranty period.

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